• We amp up the filmy owl in you
  • A faction to those whose reality is crazy
  • Why script it when you can depict it !
  • We Tinker the Drama in you
  • An Infotainment Talkie with a cause
  • Welcome to the spectra of pixels – United India Films
  • Engulf your soul to our madness.
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We are a team of obsessively driven film makers trying to create roar out in the crowd.

Born in 2008, United India Films is a creatively driven production company that caters to all demands of the industry in the field of production.

We are committed to creating rich, meaningful and thought provoking content that is step with rapidly evolving times and demands of today's top entities and clients. With state of the art equipment, UIF is a production house that doesn't just deliver a feature film or create a visual effect; we deliver solution - Sustainable solutions.

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Engineers by manifesto,

filmy by gusto.




That’s not even a word you say? Well so do atheists when said, god! We are the sons of Rama when it comes to our business ethics. We believe in the serenity of give and take. Honesty indeed is our best policy.

The social compass

Does your needle always face north! Well it needs some UIF dose. Because our golden compass beams out lasers! Hence, we take care not to write anything misleading to the public, be social media or any other platform. Whoosh! We got used to the compass.

Vinci chasers

Hell yeah! We are the technology guys who love to paint. Only we paint with our imaginations as stories on the screen. Want to be one among the vinci chasers? Solve the Da vinci code then! Just kidding!

The Matrix Managers

Yes we own a Matrix! The oracle stated we were looking just for you. Now you read us! Morpheus will be there any time and kidnap you! Kidding again, we just own the best management suits from top grad schools. Agent smith led them! (No he dint! we are not those plastic managers with bookish worms in our heads)