We are a team of obsessively driven film makers trying to create roar out in the crowd.

Born in 2008, United India Films is a creatively driven production company that caters to all demands of the industry in the field of production.

We are committed to creating rich, meaningful and thought provoking content that is step with rapidly evolving times and demands of today's top entities and clients. With state of the art equipment, UIF is a production house that doesn't just deliver a feature film or create a visual effect; we deliver solution - Sustainable solutions.

With an in house team of producers, writers, programmers, researchers, animators, directors and cameraman, UIF is the wholesome solution to any of your production needs.

We aim to bring the “unfounded society” out to the people.


Abhishek Bendigeri

Founder, Chairman

The brain behind UIF, Abhishek Bendigeri, is also at the heart of this initiative. Bendigeri’s firm grasp on popular culture, coupled with his synthesis of heightened reality and documentary storytelling makes him a compelling film maker. Abhishek has earned himself accolades for making films with meaningful connections through a professional approach.

UIF thrives upon this young man’s experience as he gives it an identity of a production house capable of producing creative, polished, perceptive and intricate production outputs which work as a high value solution to the needs of the client.

Core Team

Finding a good player is easy and getting to them to play as team is another story, but we are a unit with different ideas of the same vision! We are the VIBGYOR of UIF.

Abhishek Bendigeri

Founder Chairman, Creative Director, Head of Films & Training Initiatives

Sandesh Honnatti

Co-Founder & Production Manager / UIF Spokesperson / Website Coordinator

Raghu Basarimarad

Co-Founder & Creative Director, Screenplay writer, UIF spokesperson

Chiranjivi Patil

Head of Finance & Asset Management / Production Manager

Sunil Naik

Software & Website Cordinator

Vijay Vasudevan


Sachin Deshpande

Head of Public Relations / Head of Film Fests and initiatives / UIF spokesperson

Sanjith Hedge



Creative Thinker

Niranjan Navalgund

Creative Thinker (Idea Generation), Mentoring

Sindhu Raj

Model & UiF Brand Ambassador

Jayaram Srinivas


Rahul Ansurang

He handles social media platforms


A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future and believe it can be obtained. We have been able to find the right mentors to guide us to our chalice of mission.


Our History


Our Dreams

‘The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams’ – Anonymous.

Dreams are everywhere. We dream all night and we dream all day. But we don’t do anything about it. Living those dreams is a great feat in itself. It is a journey of unending roads and unchartered fears. It is a journey of inspiration and greatness. It is a journey of love and courage.

It is the journey of life.