Unpredictable actions turn to dreams which becomes a true history

Abhishek Bendigeri They say change is the only constant. I had dismissed it as yet another homily. Till I got involved in myself more deeply and learnt what I wanted out of life ,it taught me that all it takes for lives to change, is a split second’s hesitation. Or a split second’s decision!

Always the one to think up ideas, but being too lazy to act upon them, I was the kind of person who waited for opportunity to knock, and sometimes, let it slip past me, unwittingly.

I will share a few instances of my childhood and I am sure that you will be able to relate to a few patterns.

They say change is the only constant. I had dismissed it as yet another homily. Till I got involved in myself more deeply and learnt what I wanted out of life ,it taught me that all it takes for lives to change, is a split second’s hesitation. Or a split second’s decision!

Always the one to think up ideas, but being too lazy to act upon them, I was the kind of person who waited for opportunity to knock, and sometimes, let it slip past me, unwittingly.

I will share a few instances of my childhood and I am sure that you will be able to relate to a few patterns.

Asking my friends to fight and filming it used to give me a lot of pleasure in my early days. I have always had the habit of doing something different. In addition to that, I must admit that I have failed many times. You might ask me ‘Don’t you get tired?’ My answer is pretty simple – It is the zeal that keeps me going. The zeal of doing something and it is a spark in itself. Zeal is a spark that can lighten up your life and you will keep glowing. Take my word!

During my eighth grade, I was told to focus on 10th. During my 10th, I was told to focus on 12th, so you can see that there is always something ahead – waiting for you. It awaits ahead with a smirk and if you listen to it – It might say something like this — ‘I am here, i will take away your time’. So, if you ever want to do something – Dig in and go back to your childhood days. I am sure you will have something in you. Hobbies are necessary, they are the tools of survival. I would like to quote Rumi here. He said ‘Beware the bareness of busy life’ A monotonous life can be very tiring to the soul.

I will talk a bit about the competition now. I did not get the placements, but my friends did. I hope all of you have seen ‘Three Idiots’. There is a particular dialogue which holds true for me and I am sure that it holds true for most of us. It is disappointing if you fail, but the disappoint doubles when your friend passes! It was just the initial anxiety that my friends were on a train and I was still busy, booking a career ticket. I found myself again after meeting several disappointments on my way. It made me realize that doing whatever makes me happy can help me to go forward. So, I always engaged myself in extracurricular activities.

One normal day, I put the thought into action. I saw a great potential in the idea of a short film. Short films and documentaries to create awareness and inculcate the spirit of patriotism films and documentaries. The idea grew because I accepted the responsibilities. The whole idea was a seed and I assumed the role of a gardener. I remember my first short video – India Poised, The project needed public speaking and interaction and being shy, I had to face a lot of criticism and bitter rejections from all over before my film could go on the floor. There were no plans, no people and no proper methods to shoot the film and I was disappointed. But, then I remembered – he is strongest who stands alone. For next2 months, I developed the idea, trained myself, learnt the technicalities and hunted down people who could help me in the initiative. It took a lot of effort and time to convince people that the idea was not a flop one and would indeed work!

With determination, we completed the video and screened it on the eve of Aug 15 at Deshpande Foundation, Hubli. I was appreciated for the film and became popular in college! And it was the time of my life, with people recognizing me everywhere I went and even conferring words of praise and admiration upon me! I was in love with this version of myself, a version that film making helped me become! This part of my life you see made me realize that film-making was my thing. It led to the founding of my own banner, United India Films in 2010 to create documentaries and short films on social issues, rural issues, national awareness and pressing matters of importance.

I would want to quote another great learning in my life and all thanks to Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya, Dharwad. … I was kind of kid born with silver spoon and it was at KSV I witnessed something an eye opener. The tiny kids at the school used to do all work by their own right from washing their own food plates to everything. Some of them were orphans as well. Never had washed a single utensil in my life. But seeing this, I felt when those little kids can then why can’t I ? I felt there is nothing to shy or hesitate about it. I learnt spirit from those little kids and got the confidence to be my own person and not live for approvals!

With this newfound spirit, I continued my work on my banner and filmed Vande Hejje, a short film which bagged an award at an International Event organized by Character Development Initiative, Delhi. I got my banner- United India Films registered as a Production House last year, with a team of 15 people who are as committed to social causes and societal change as I am! Apart from filming, we at United India Films intend to put our hands in Research & Development of product design to improvise the filming techniques which would be of great use for film & Documentary makers all over.

Now, I will elaborate a bit on the metamorphosis that took place. There was a lot more going on, behind the scenes, than on the stage! I found an inner voice that I now call as ‘My Guide’. From the experience I gained by studying the giants, I can say that they all have the basic truths or the stones of life. Some call it principles, some refer it as their core values and some generalize it as part of their system. The elites refer their truths or values and that enables them to make decisions in life. I worked on the personal values and managed to stand up against all odds.

I would like to share 3 simple truths from my inner voice and I will elaborate on how each truth developed itself.

  1. Time
  2. Essentially, it all comes down to managing time. If you really want to do something, you should do it. The next question ; How? It is all about prioritizing the things that matter. So, my first truth :

    “ Growing is all about making time for the things that actually matter “

  3. Criticism and Obstacles
  4. When you decide to start something BIG or work on something new, there will be yen number of stages. Thus, I realized my second truth :

    “ A new route, an unconventional path will always be questioned. If you stick to your route and leave a trail, the traffic will clear up and many others will follow you later. “

  5. Importance of hope
  6. Participating at the International Festival was big in itself, but I had hopes of winning too. Here, I realized that Hope proved to be a major ingredient. Folks, this is my third one :

    “We all have the ability to win at the first attempt. Hope is the key ingredient there. In adverse, the word carries a sentence in itself. H-O-P-E – Hold on! Pain ends. This affirmation helps me to keep going forward. “

It is no surprise that a BIG challenge often comes with an entourage of conflicts on different levels. I had to convince my parents who were reluctant about the whole idea of the video project. They saw an element of risk in this endeavor Few ‘drop-this-silly-idea’ comments poured in from my friend circle too. Words, as hard hitting as stones, were directed towards me! Some criticized, because they were afraid that I might fail and some were envious of the heights I had aspired to reach. The urge to do something ‘out of the box’ pushed me ahead. On one side, there was a pressure to focus on the placements; on the other side was a desire to follow my instinct.’ I chose to listen to my heart and that made all the difference. My mantra has always been that! ‘When in doubt, listen to your heart’.

My life would stay incomplete without a mention of my most preferred companion – The Camera! It has taught me a lot. It has taught me the importance of wiping the lens. A blurred lens captures blurred images. It has revealed some lessons about life too. One has to adjust the lens according to the object we wish to capture. We all are given a chance to create happy memories through our actions and make them a part of the images stored in our hearts. The camera demands a smile :).

Now, that was my story of growing up with and because of the key ingredient there – HOPE. This tiny little spark helped me build,

the right attitude
the right team
the right drive
to achieve my ambitions and do something for my society, at the same time.

Dr.Abdul Kalam's Thoughts In the words of Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, who responded to a letter written to him by me: Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge and knowledge makes you great! These words truly inspired and helped me become what I am today.

Though I am not a great thinker or a speaker but have just started addressing and have been invited by various educational institutes for guest talks to inspire the students on my journey of innovations. I think this part of my life – I describe it saying – Gyan Baatna !. Was invited by Deshpande Foundations in its 5h Yuva Summit as LEAD Speaker and was recognised as “Motivational Speaker”which marked my beginning as creative speaker. I am currently looking forward to do my certification in corporate training.

TOI Interview Experiences like these helped me shape my personality well. I had one ingredient that kept me going – Hope. My average scores were compensated by the extracurricular activities. Surprisingly, I cleared all the interviews. It was a little journey from ‘I pick you/ I don’t pick you’ to ‘Now I pick you, you don’t’. Now, that tells what your extra curriculum can do for you. The other day when I was invited for guest talk at Deshpande Foundations – Yuva Summit 2015, the head of Microsoft ventures in the lead talk stressed on the importance of having at least something in your bio-date apart from the academic scores. We cannot just blame the education system for evaluating us based on our scores. We as individuals need to give them an area, an extra field for them to evaluate us. When we do our bit, bits can turn into megabytes.

For me, Film making has never been a business. It has always been my passion. In fact it’s the one thing that I rely on to express myself to the world outside and I think digital medium is one of the finest medium to express yourself to the world today.

I have been questioned a lot of times – Why don’t I chose film making as my profession and make a career in the same and every time I smile and I end up saying – I being a techie by profession …for me film making is all about passion and I believe that the best part of working for your passion is, you are not bothered about the competition nor the competitors in the field. All that matters is your performance and the best that you put in without expecting anything in return! And that’s how I define my passion for Film making. Finally, my future plan. I am proud to say that I have the courage to listen to my heart and do what it says. After 2 years of working as software engineer, I realized that this is not ‘my’ thing. I have gained experience and this will eventually help me in MBA. MBA is the next plan in mind and after that I wish to be in corporate world and same time keep working on my passion.

Friends, this life is no time for regrets. Listen to your heart, make mistakes, and don’t repeat the same mistakes, Learn and Live.