Behind the Shades

Behind the Shades

Behind the Shades , a short film is one of the latest production of United India Films.
This small flick is about a social cause which is prevailing in our country from absolutely a long time, it is focusing on the right spot on where this problem root is and cut down on the problem right in the start. This is no film about commerciality or crowd gaining idea, this is a strong viewpoint on the society on a particular aspect. The duration of the short film is about 3 minutes and is small flick.

The film is currently under post production and is expected to be released by October 2017.


Vox Populi

Stars are among us...not above us. But sometimes we fail to hear the muffled voices of these stars. These stars could be a source of inspiration, they could be your source of motivation for they have shined brilliantly in their life. So aren’t you curious to know what set these stars apart? Why are they any different?

And that’s why we present you Vox Populi- Voice of the people. “Voice of the people” because these stars are people like us. And we believe that they need their share of limelight even if they shy away from it, for their stories are meant to be heard, are meant to show to the world that impossible is but a mere word.

VoxPopuli translates to voice of the people, an interview with the members of public. An interview with people like you and me, but with extraordinary achievements which sets them apart from you and me.

Why VoxPopuli?

We have been toying with idea of narrating extra ordinary success stories of certain individuals. This project would be a good dose of motivation, which we were sure of. So what would we name a project this ambitious? That’s how the name “Vox Populi” popped up. After hours of thinking we decided that this was the best name we could have possibly chosen!

Our target audiences are people in their 20-30 s, an age in which they have lot of potential to make a difference. However we believe age isn’t a barrier and are open to talk to people of all ages. This show is intended to help channel their energy in the right directions and help them achieve their deeply cherished dreams.

We are to narrate the stories of people like you and me but who had the guts to chase their dreams and realize it. We intend to interview those ordinary individuals with extraordinary achievements.

We have a list of people in our mind, once the project takes off successfully, we would gladly take any recommendations from public, if you have someone in their mind who they believe are achievers in their own ways.