How can I be useful, of what service can I be? There is something inside me, what can it be? ~ Vincent Van Gough

To give real service you must add something which cannot be brought or measured with money and that is sincerity and integrity. We as United India films are among those promising servers, and never let down our customers when it comes to versatility and creative framework. Feature films, Documentary films, Short films, Corporate films, Photo shoot, Content creation, you name the service and we do it.UIF has a versatile in house team with good experience skills and pose to provide the best solutions in this contemporary industry.


Coup De Theatre Brass

Don’t get mystified! It is the production management we are talking about. If you are looking for chaperon for your young inventiveness, you’re at the right place! We are team of filmmakers who, expertise in the domains of planning, Pre –production management to post production support. We also acquire special skills in story boarding, shot dividing, screen play writing, pre-visualization, location scouting, casting and social media campaigns. We are those obsessive all rounder’s; willing to provide you an end to end production solutions in your benefit. We are the chaperons for young filmmakers , pledging to tinker your talents from the beginning till you open to fly.

Music Recording & Compositions

Our Music Compositions and recordings are - Music of souls and Music of minds the music we produce are the tunes of every soul, the tunes of those forbidden words, the tunes of those troubled minds, the tunes of those potential greatness, the tunes of every truth, and the tunes of those hidden stories, with the power to heal every hitch, misfortune, unrest and every vex through sands of time.


The Docudrama

A director is a craftsman who touches the hearts and minds of the viewers sitting miles away. The art of Documentary films cuts straight through the most irrational stigma and credulity of the society. We at United India films believe in reaching the reds and blues of this ignorantly palisading world and outshone the new ray of hope with potential solutions.

Power House

The power house

Our mitochondria – the power house of United India Film is good willed production house that believes in giving the right thing to the society and donate the right legacy to this era. This unit makes sure to tackle more resources by adding value to the equation. We provide a wide range of services from cost variable evaluation to cost saving arenas and cutting the right slack. We pose as an independent organisation who understands the significance of translating the vision of the script in a way that correlates time and money.


Animations intangible

Heard it right, we bet to phase you out! In this vigorous age of virtual reality, creativity tops the world of animations, and making of the impossible on the screen seem real rules the world and people hover over this inventiveness. We provide the service of one of world’s finest of arts to bring the unreal to reality on the screen.

Short Flick

The Short Flick/Hit

We create a short subject home movie that juxtaposes all kinds of social irrationalities onto the screen. We create those film noirs that only speak the truth of the hour. We are the new face of Infotainment.

Creative Cinematize

Creative Cinematize

The artist production of a story bets on the vision and ingenious skills of the maker. We make an infotainment look entertainment. Our virtuosity and ability to provide solutions in the critical domains makes us “the Vox of India”. Hence we are the Creative Cinematographers & Filmers.

3D Fun Run

3D Fun Run

The most curios stir among the people and the filming industry is making the unreal look real that bring pictures to life. We at UIF provide a fun run of the 3D architectural Walkthrough of all the elements.



Majority of the filming industry provides opportunities for the Voice over recordings “the art of vocal cords”. United India Films provide the services of such dubbings and Voice over recordings for the film industries.


“You don’t need the best people; you need the right people” ~ Jack Ma

Youth is the pollen that blows through the sky and does not ask why! We don’t believe in the cliché of thinking out of the box, rather we are on mission to make people believe, that there is no box. The canvas of imagination requires neither in nor out but only the stroke of creativity by a well formed mind which can create a vision to fly high. We at UIF provide you with the sandbox that a new born venture needs to play in before it sets its foot on the field. For which, it’s always the right people in need. Here we are !!


We provide to guide

Nobody understands the victimhood of a beginner in this industry better than us. We speak with the virtue of being in your phase once. We understand the vain of planning and not being able to execute, those painful phases of ideas and funds being rejected. We at united India films provide those “creative new wavers” with an opportunity of free consultation for all the beginners.


We Assist for free

The art of production is simple if done rightly. We undertake to assist our clients for free, with all kinds of production support and aim to bring the right studio and private investors to your table. We recognize the exertion of big budget when it comes to producing pictures and do not believe in loosing talents for expenses. Hence if you have come to us your at the right place.

We Endorse

We stage/endorse

“Creativity without strategy is called art; creative with strategy is called advertising.” They say advertisements sell hopes and we at UIF help you accomplish these hopes and charge no penny. People notice when they feel good about it and branding and advertisement is that one ship that can set your sail. We at UIF do your social media – “the platform of people” promotions for free.


We help Ideate

Ideate The secret ingredient to a great movie is not its idea nor its story but, its ideation! We aid you organize the right event and action and make idea generation of your thought flow easier.


VoxPopuli – Voice of Common Man!

Since time immemorial, Crisis has always been the common man’s treasure but, say no more! Voxpopuli –“Voice of the people”, a lead taken by Unite India Films to highlight the story of the people, an initiative to pose the common people of our nation as celebrities. Since we believe that every story serves a purpose.

I Talks

“I” talk

Verite –“truth”, the need of every hour. No matter how much the change seekers strive to bring the truth out it always gets lost. Verite /”I” – talks (depends on what you choose) is a stage provided to those rebels and new wavers to speak their hearts out and influence tale to be told and tale to be made.


We incubate

IncubateEven a predator like lion needs to be protected to survive in its infancy. We understand the toil of a filmmaker in his early stages and pose to provide you the incubation support your right. We believe that the lion in you needs to be incubated so that you ‘Roar’ someday.

Trainings & Workshop

Free Training's & Workshops

Alas! Here is a thirst quenching opportunity for those who would like to learn from us. This is also what we do and take pleasure reaching out. We conduct free online consultations, and also free trainings and workshops at your place. We also let you connect with us and get along with our projects as an intern. If not you could work from distant too. Why wait the chance when you can get a break now!!

Production Management

Production Management

Design Workspace

Design Workspace



Successful Career

Successful Career